Cincinnati Preschool Promise "Little Kid Gig" (Educational Success)

A community-wide, public art installation to build critical awareness about the importance and power of quality preschool education.

The Little Kid Gig is a community-wide public art installation that will grow and sustain the momentum around the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, with a goal to ensure "a chair for every child in a quality preschool." In a nutshell:

~ Kid-sized chairs will be decorated by local children, families, artists and local/national celebrities
~ Chairs will be used for high-impact, PR-worthy public art installations around Greater Cincinnati
~ Chairs will be auctioned off or "endowed" to raise funds in support of the Preschool Promise
~ Inspired by ArtWorks' successful "Big Pig Gig" public art project

The Little Kid Gig will serve to get the entire community centered on the issue of access to quality preschool education in a fun, engaging way. The PR and media potential is high. During Leadership Cincinnati Class 36's exploration of the case for support for the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, awareness was identified as one of the "4 legs of need" to move this initiative forward (other "legs" are access, advocacy, and funding). While sector experts continue to analyze sustainable access and funding options for the Preschool Promise, the Little Kid Gig will help raise timely awareness of the Preschool Promise at this critical juncture. Cincinnati has the potential to emerge as a leader in early childhood education and the Little Kid Gig has the potential to help fuel recently ignited momentum behind this critical issue. but we need to broadly fuel the recent momentum on this critical topic.

Why is access to quality preschool so important?
~ Students are more likely to graduate from high school, increasing their earning potential and reducing strain on social services such as welfare, jail, remedial and special education
~ Students are more likely to own a home and have a job
~ Prechool can help level the playing field for low-income children who have been shown to lag behind their more affluent peers when they start Kindergarten
~ An investment in early childhood education can generate a 7%-10% return on investment -- better than the stock market -- according to research by Nobel Laureate economics James Heckman
~ Quality preschool programs lay the foundation for knowledge, social skills and confidence, paving the way for future successes in school and in life


Submitted by: Jennifer Dauer