Big Idea Challenge Winners


Here are the category winners of the Big Idea Challenge, as determined by your votes! Each winner will receive a $500 cash prize, and a grant of $5,000 will be made to a nonprofit organization to try out the Big Idea!


Taking Root Tree Planting Campaign (Environmental Stewardship)

Inspire the community to combat the many threats to our trees by planting 2,000,000 trees, one for each citizen in the tri-state.

Submitted by: Scott Beuerlein


Feeding Kids' Bellies and Souls (Cultural Vibrancy)

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Freestore Foodbank will partner to bring live, interactive musical experiences to the Kids Cafe.

Submitted by: Sherri Prentiss


Expand Adult-ESL resources for Refugees (Economic Opportunity)

Provide accessible English classes to refugees in our community while fostering meaningful relationships with volunteers and students.

Submitted by: Kelly Birkenhauer


Cincinnati Preschool Promise "Little Kid Gig" (Educational Success)

A community-wide, public art installation to build critical awareness about the importance and power of quality preschool education.

Submitted by: Jennifer Dauer


Promoting Healthy Eating at Food Pantries (Health & Wellness)

Establish a sustainable nutrition education program at food pantries

Submitted by: Seung-Yeon Lee


Restore the Inclines to Price Hill and Mount Adams (Strong Communities)

Revitalization of two key neighborhoods - Price Hill and Mount Adams. Job Formation. Increased desirability of area to new residents.

Submitted by: Larry Wulker


The Kitchen at Findlay Market: A deliciously useful idea (Job Creation)

Create a shared use commercial kitchen in which local food entrepreneurs can develop new or scale up production of tasty food products.

Submitted by: shalini latour